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Graduate Students

Helen Beeson

  • Title: MS
  • Interests: Fluvial geomorphology, deep-seated landslides, Oregon Coast Range

Dylan Brady

Christine Carolan

Easther Chigumira

James Dietrich

Jenna Duffin

Doug Foster

  • Title: PhD Candidate
  • Office: 275 Condon
  • Office Hours: Spring 2014: Monday 1:45-2:45 or by appointment
  • Interests: Critical geopolitics, Central Asia, militarism, cultural identity

Matthew Goslin

  • Title: PhD Graduate Student
  • Office: Columbia 246
  • Interests: Fluvial Geomorphology, Ecology, Biogeography, Plant-River Interactions, Ecological Restoration

Swagata Goswami

  • Title: PhD
  • Interests: Fluvial Geomorphology, human impact on river systems

Erin Herring

  • Title: PhD
  • Interests: Paleoecology, biogeography, climatology, palynology

Kenji Izumi

Jerilynn "M" Jackson

  • Title: PhD
  • Additional Title: Global Oregon GTF
  • Phone: 541-346-2644
  • Office: Condon Hall 151
  • Interests: Climate change, glaciology, human geography, the Arctic, Iceland

Pollyanna Lind

  • Title: PhD
  • Office: Condon 105
  • Interests: Fluvial geomorphology, tropical river system

Graciela Lu

  • Title: PhD
  • Interests: Globalization, political ecology, extractive industries, Latin America

Innisfree McKinnon

Anna Moore

  • Title: PhD student
  • Office: Condon 151
  • Interests: Political geography, U.S. diplomacy

Nathan Mosurinjohn

Lindsay Naylor

Nicholas Perdue

  • Title: PhD
  • Phone: 5413464555
  • Office: 160 Condon Hall
  • Interests: Cartography, Urban Geography, Modeling, and Spatial Cognition

Denielle Perry

  • Title: PhD
  • Office: Condon 202
  • Office Hours: Monday 1:00-2:00pm
  • Interests: Political ecology, scarcity driven water governance, energy-water nexus, U.S. West & Latin America

Sarah Praskievicz

Sarah Proctor

  • Title: MA
  • Interests: GIS, spatial-temporal analysis, geomobility, cartography

Tom Ptak

  • Title: PhD
  • Phone: 541 346 4546
  • Office: 275 Condon Hall
  • Interests: China and Southeast Asia, energy security, community and economic development, human environment interaction

Christopher Thomas

Lauren Tierney

  • Title: MS
  • Interests: spatial analysis and modeling, cartography, wildlife movement, energy development

Laurie Trautman

Kuan-chi Wang

  • Title: PhD
  • Office: Condon 202
  • Interests: Economic geography, political economy, resource geography, geo-spatial analysis, East Asia
  • Website: Website

Ariana White

  • Title: MS
  • Interests: Paleoecology, Temperate Rainforests, Palynology, Environmental Philosophy

Alanna Young

  • Title: MS
  • Interests: Data analysis, climatology, cartography