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Selected Theses and Dissertations

Ph.D. Dissertations

2010 Blanton, Paul The distribution and impact of roads and railroads on the river landscapes of the coterminous United States
2009 Marlon, Jennifer R. The geography of fire: A paleo-perspective
2009 Dixon, Megan L. The Baltic Pearl in the Window to Europe: St. Petersburg’s Chinese Quarter
2009 Hommel, Demian H. Placing risk and security: news media framing of the 2004 tsunami disaster
2009 Walsh, Megan K. Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Holocene Fire and Vegetation History of the Willamette Valley, Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington
2008 Briles, Christy Holocene Vegetation and Fire History of the Floristically Diverse Klamath Mountains, Northern California, USA
2008 Coleman, Amanda K. Reform(ulat)ing the Region:  Competing Discourses of Region and Regional Change in the Depression-Era U.S. South
2008 Johnson, Corey Spatial Strategies for Addressing Structural Changes:  The Case of Eastern Germany
2008 Tang, Guoping An Examination of Vegetation and Modeling-Related Issues and the Variation and Climate Sensitivity of Vegetation and Hydrology in China
2008 Vogel, Eve The Columbia River’s Region:  Politics, Place and Environment in the Pacific Northwest, 1933-Present
2007 Laudati, Ann The Greening of the Fortress: Reclaiming the Politics of Exclusion in a Green Era
2007 Songer, Lynn Comparative Impacts Of Web-Based GIS On Student Content Knowledge, Geography Skills, And Self-Efficacy In Introductory Human Geography
2006 Power, Mitchell Recent and Holocene Fire, Climate and Vegetation Linkages in the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA
2005 Kohler, Nicolas Protected Areas and Landscape Change in Mainland Southeast Asia
2005 Knox,  Margaret A. Territory, Identity and Place: Insights from the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon
2005 Shobe, Hunter W. Mes Que Un Club: Place, Identity and  Futbol Club Barcelona
2005 Hume, Susan E. Just Drops in the Ocean: The Contextualized Identities of African University Students in Their Home Countries and in the United States
2004 Holman, Justin O. Quantitative Comparison of Categorical Maps with Applications for the Analysis of Global Environmental Data
2004 Hurley, Patrick T. Whose Vision? The Political Ecology of Land-Use Planning in Nevada County, California
2004 Light, Adam F. Design Patterns for Cartography and Data Graphics
2004 Leiserowitz, Anthony A. Global Warming in the American Mind: The Roles of Affect Imagery and World Views in Risk Perception, Policy Preferences and Behavior
2004 Pavulans, Anna-Minna U. Identitles in Motion: Citizenship, Mobility and the Politics of Belonging in the Post-Cold War Era
2004 Serralles, Roberto J. Landscape, Electricity and Policy: An Integrated Geographic Approach to Renewable Ener
2003 Shinker, Jacqueline J. Mechanistic Controls of North American Climate Variability
2003 Scott, Gwen G. Situating Fijian  Transmigrants: Spatial Legitimacy As Geographic Process and Theoretical Paradigm
2003 Long, Colin J. Holocene Fire and Vegetation History of the Oregon Coast Range USA
2003 Fouty, Suzanne C. Stream Channel Response to Changes in Cattle and Elk Grazing Pressure and Beaver Activity
2003 Baldwin, Jeffrey R. Reconceiving Wealth for Geographic Analysis: Intersections of Environments, Life and Ethics
2002 Kerr, Robert The Territorial Imperative of Xenophobia: Putting the Extreme Right in its Place
2002 Evered, Kyle Romancing the Region: Mapping the Discursive: Terrains in Turkish Constructs of a “Turkish Dunyasi”
2002 Rothenberg-Aalami, Jessica Coming Full Circle? Nike Production Networks In and Beyond Viet Nam
2002 Brunelle, Andrea Holocene Changes in Fire, Climate andVegetation in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Western Montana
2001 Mansfield, Becky Globalizing Nature: Political and Cultural Economy of a Global Seafood Industry
2001 Forest, Marguerite Ecological Sustainability on Haida Gwaii
2000 Grigg, Laurie Millennial-scale Vegetation and Climate Variations in the Pacific Northwest During the Last Glacial Period (60,000-16,000 cal. yr. B.P.) 
2000 Shafer, Sarah Potential Vegetation Response to Future Climate Change in Western North America and its Implications for Biological Conservation and Geographical Conceptualizations of Place
2000 Kepka, Joanna Euroregions in the New Europe: The Case of Poland’s Western Borderlands
2000 Bjarneson, Stefan Lawn and Order: Gated Communities and Social Interaction in Dana Point, California
2000 Fox, Coleen Flexible Sovereignty and the Politics of Hydro-Development

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M.A. / M.S. Theses

2010 Isaak, Marissa T. Remembering the Present: Oregon’s Afghan-Iraqi Freedom Memorial
2010 Frederiksen, Lia M. Bodies, Geography, and Globalization: Social Reproducation in Capte Town, South Africa
2010 Landers, Matthew W. Catalonia is a Country: World Heritage and Regional Nationalism
2010 Miller, Derek W. Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Neighborhood Exclusion: A Microscale Analysis of How Moroccan Immigrants Are Perceived in Almería, Spain
2010 Millett, Matthew E. The Egocentric Map Perspective in Qualitative Classed Chloropleth Maps
2010 Ptak, Thomas W. Tibetan Migration, Cultural Identity and Place in Portland and New York City
2009 English, John T. Effectiveness of Extracting Water Surface Slopes From LiDAR Data Within the Active Channel: Sandy River, Oregon, USA
2009 Jablonski, Jon R. Cultural Heritage Cyberinfrastructure: A Geographic Case-study of China
2009 Javdani, Marie S. Stop the Bleeding, Heal the Wound: The Role of Fertilizer Subsidies in Food Security — Zomba District, Malawi
2009 Lind, Pollyanna Holocene Floodplain Development of the Sycan River, Oregon
2008 Choi, Y Minie “Fighting” in the Nation’s Capital:  Understanding Residential and Occupational Assimilation of Koreans by Generation in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area
2008 Fischetti, Diana Resist From Home?:  Confronting Consumerism from Ecovillage at Ithaca
2008 Goworowska, Justyna Gentrification, Displacement and the Ethnic Neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn
2008 Martinelli, Earl N. Dynamic Time Course of Cognitive Map Distortion
2008 Nurhussein, Safy Global Networks, Fragmentation, and the Rise of Telecommunications in Stateless Somalia
2008 Pera, Jennifer L. Tamagringo:  Citizenship and Political Agency in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
2007 Machell, Erin L. Whose Development? Agency, Democracy and Efficacy in Nicaraguan NGO Landscapes
2007 McConnel, Jonothon L. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Nautical Charts: A Cartographic History
2007 Mansfield, Ginger S. Canadians Among Us: Migration to the Twin Cities Urban Area
2007 Lake, Adam B. North African Immigrants in Marseille: A Comparison of Settlement Patterns, Activity Spaces, and the Urban Landscape
2007 Fox, Samuel H.. Collaborative Structure, Power and Place: A Case Study of Four Western Oregon Watershed Councils
2007 Crooks, Mary L. A Geographical Look at Students’ Experiences: Cognitive Maps of the University of Oregon Campus
2006 Metzger, Kate T. A Geomorphic Assessment of Reference and Managed Stream Channel Conditions in Two Ecological Regions on the Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia
2006 Cram, Shannon C. Nuclear Legacies: The Changing Cultural Landscape of the Tri-Cities and Hanford
2006 Steingisser, Alethea Y. Losing Steam: A Multi-scale Historic Analysis of Human Impacts on Geyser Basins
2006 Sproles, Eric A. Integrating Hydraulic and Geomorphic Processes in River Restoration
2006 Jones, Brittany G. McBurney Ethnic Communities in Diaspora: Constructing Tibetan Identity in the United States
2005 Cates, Barbara E. Behind the Industrial Facade: An Exploration of Urban Revitalization and Migration in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District
2005 Derrick, Matthew A. Contested Autonomy: Tatarstan under Putin
2005 Day, Jonathan W. Historical Savanna Structure and Succession at Jim’s Creek, Willamette National Forest, Oregon
2005 Hiemstra, Nancy A. Latino Immigrants, Spaces of Interaction, and the Politics of “Being Illegal” in Leadville, CO
2005 Lawrence, Megan M. The Neural Basis of Map Comprehension and Spatial Abilities
2005 Pak, Maylian J. Poverty, Race, and Community Organization: Social and Environmental Justice in Eugene, Oregon
2005 Rubinstein, Vicki B. Interpretation of Charcoal Accumulation Rates in a Sediment Core From Carp Lake, Washington
2005 Strandhagen, Erik Views of the Rivers: Representing Streamflow of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
2004 Groshong, Lorin C. Mapping Riparian Vegetation Change in Yellowstone’s Northern Range Using High Spatial Resolution Imagery
2004 Hommel, Demian H. People and Politics in a Thai National Park
2004 Johnson, Corey M. Hamburg’s New Geographies: Strategies of Coping with Structural Change
2004 Knox, Andrew G. A Survey of Secondary Geography Curricula in Canada and England
2004 Marlon, Jennifer A Meta-Analysis of Charcoal-Based Fire History Records from the Northwestern United States
2004 Plank, Alexandria R. Conventional Agriculture and the National Organic Standards: Implications for Local Food Production
2004 Rubinstein, Vicki Interpretation of Charcoal Accumulation Rates in a Sediment Core From Carp Lake, Washington
2003 Juhn, Anika E. A Critical Review of Categories of race and Pan-ethnicity using Cluster Analysis of Foreign-born Residentail Settlement
2003 Green, John K. Influence of Debris Flow Deposits on Small Stream Channel Morphology in the Oregon Coast Range
2003 Ray, Maureen A Tale of Two Cities: The Role of Place in Ethnic Acculturation

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Masters in the Geographic Education Summer Program

2010 Anno, Stephen E.
2010 Boggs, Eric M.
2010 Graves, Richard K.
2010 Haapanen, Rebecca C.
2010 Lawrence, Damien C.
2010 Peterson, Keith
2010 Schneider, Jane B.
2010 Swope, Deborah
2009 Highfield, Christopher M.
2009 Scholtz, Michael
2009 Shea, Kristin L.
2009 Wren, Janelle K.
2008 Evaniuck, Jayson Raleigh-Egypt High School, Memphis, TN
2008 Gault, Jonthan M. Thurston Middle School, Springfield
2008 Shea, Kristi Teeland Middle School, Matanuska Valley, Alaska
2008 Wakefield, Julie R. McQueen High School, Reno, NV
2008 Webster, Melissa C. Cascade High School, Everett, WA
2007 Deutsch-Kirkman, Anne Centennial Middle School, Portland
2007 Klarr, Nathan Agnes Middle School, Springfield
2007 Ray, Jason Briggs Middle School, Springfield
2007 Shilling, Annika Duniway Middle School, McMinnville
2007 Thrope, Britt Russia High School
2007 Unruh, Nancy Harrison Elementary School, Cottage Grove
2006 Hernandez, Kimberly Centennial Middle School, Eugene
2006 Holman, Chris University of Oregon
2006 Peters, Scott Astoria Middle School, Astoria
2005 Clark, Robert B. Western Oregon University
2004 Brown, Ray Cascade Middle School, Eugene
2004 Mellor, Brant Churchill Middle School, Eugene
2003 Boyle, John Lowell High School, Lowell
2003 Knox, Andrew Sitka, Alaska
2003 Mattiace, James Springfield
2003 Wondra, Patrick Mapleton High School, Mapleton
2002 Shafer, Eric Othello Jr. High School, Othello, Washington
2001 Maeyart, Pam Lebanon High School
2001 Geffen, Brooke Portland Outdoor School
2000 Simmons, Leslie Willamette High School, Eugene

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