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Geography Tea kick-off: the Faculty Parade!

This week the Department of Geography will commence its long-running Tea Speaker Series. The department will gather at 3:30 in the Tea Room (Condon 108) for snacks and reuniting, and at 4pm, we will transition to Condon 106 for faculty to give brief introductions of themselves and their research and roles in the department.


Peter Walker featured for coverage of the Malhuer Occupation

Geography Professor Peter Walker spent much of last Winter in Harney County, Oregon, as the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge Occupation unfolded and developed. He attended community meetings, was able to gain access to the refuge while under occupation, and talked with people to understand the issues that were playing out. Professor Walker’s is currently writing a book on the effect of the occupation in Burns and teaching a course called Oregon Environmental Politics that focuses on the issues raised through this event. He continues to follow this as the Bundy trial plays out in Portland. Read