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Double Major in Geography

Double Major in Geography

Geography is a broad discipline and is therefore an attractive choice for people in other majors looking to enhance their understanding of human and/or physical systems and their interactions at different scales. Geography is a common first or second major for people who are also majoring in Geology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Sociology, Biology and more.

If you are interested in adding Geography as a second major, or want to understand how Geography can enhance your understanding of physical and social systems, contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Leslie McLees at

ENVS Majors Considering a Double Major in Geography

Geography is an excellent second field for Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors because it also offers you a grounding in the physical and human systems within which environmental issues are situated in a larger global context. The geography major also allows you to use the Environment, Economy & Sustainability concentration to help fine tune your understanding of the interactions of Earth’s physical and human systems. Declaring a second major in Geography will help deepen your understanding of earth’s human and environmental systems.

Consider these opportunities:

  • All General Education, Foreign Language, and Math requirements are the same for the two majors.
  • You can apply up to four classes to both majors.
  • You may apply any of the following Geography courses to complete your ENVS degree:

    GEOG 142: Human Geography

    GEOG 181: Our Digital Earth

    GEOG 321: Climatology

    GEOG 322: Geomorphology

    GEOG 323: Biogeography

    GEOG 341: Population and Environment

    GEOG 342: Geography of Globalization

    GEOG 360: Watershed Science and Policy

    GEOG 361: Global Environmental Change

    GEOG 421: Advanced Climatology

    GEOG 422: Advanced Geomorphology

    GEOG 423: Advanced Biogeography

    GEOG 425: Hydrology

    GEOG 427: Fluvial Geomorphology

    GEOG 430: Long-term Environmental Change

    GEOG 432: Climatological Aspects of Global Change

    GEOG 433: Fire and Natural Disturbance

    GEOG 442: Urban Geography

    GEOG 461: Environmental Alterations

    GEOG 462: Historical and Contemporary Views of the Environment

    GEOG 463: Geography, Law, and the Environment

    GEOG 465: Environment and Development

    GEOG 467: International Water Policy

    GEOG 468: Contemporary Food Systems

    GEOG 481: GIS I

    GEOG 482: GIS II

    GEOG 485: Remote Sensing I

    GEOG 486: Remote Sensing II

    Some ENVS courses are taught by Geography faculty. These can also be applied towards the Geography major. 

    For example, Dr. Peter Walker from Geography regularly teaches ENVS 450: Political Ecology and ENVS 455: Sustainability, either of which could count towards requirements for the geography major. Other faculty who teach in Geography and other departments include Dr. Laura Pulido (Ethnic Studies), Dr. Dan Buck (Asian Studies), and Dr. Lucas Silva (Environmental Studies and Sciences).

    Email Leslie McLees at if you have any questions.