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Undergraduate Advising

A message from Leslie McLees, the undergraduate advisor, about the impacts of coronavirus on advising

Due to the actions listed by UO President Schill, classes will be delivered remotely through the Spring 2020 term. Advising will also be conducted remotely as the university is essentially closed. If you have some basic questions about courses and requirements that you think can be answered via email, please email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to have a conversation with me, we can set up a time over email to use Zoom to have a conference. I will send you the link when we decide on a time.

Please be patient as the university, instructors, and advisors transition during this bewildering time. Please take precautions to protect yourself and your community. If the social isolation of this time brings up any mental health issues, please (please) reach out to me or contact the Counseling Center.

Be safe,


The undergraduate advisor in Geography and in Spatial Data Science and Technology (SDS) is Leslie McLees. Her office is located in Condon 107C. You may sign up for an appointment to speak with her via the online scheduling portal: (see instructions for how to make an appointment below).

The Tykeson College and Career Advising in Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall is UO’s new advising center, located on 13th Avenue, between Johnson and Chapman Halls. If you are uncertain about your major, at Tykeson Hall, you can work with professional College and Career Advisors who can help you explore your interests, schedule your classes, plan for graduation, discuss career interests, and more.

You can schedule appointments with the Tykeson College and Career Advising team via the EAB Navigate app available in the App Store or Google Play. Please visit the Office of Academic Advising’s website for information about appointments and hours of operation.

If you have questions specific to geography course offerings and planning, want to explore in-depth what our department can offer academically and professionally, or you are already a major or minor in our department, feel free to schedule an appointment or send an email to Leslie McLees at

Drop-in hours for Fall 2019 are Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30

You can use the instructions below to schedule a 20-minute appointment for 

  • Mondays 9:00-10:00am
  • Wednesdays 9:00-11:00am
  • Thursdays 9:00-11:30am

If none of those times work, please email to try and find an alternative time.

Please follow the instructions below to make an appointment.

  1. Login to Navigate ( (Use your DuckID to login.)
  2. Click on “Schedule an Appointment” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Choose “Academic & Career Advising” in the first pull-down box.
  4. Choose “College of Arts & Science Departmental Advising” in the second box.
  5. Choose the reason that best fits what you want to meet with the advisor about. The following reasons will get you to Dr. McLees, even if they aren’t exactly what you want to talk about:
    1. Graduation Planning – CAS;
    2. Career Advising – CAS;
    3. Declaring a major/minor – CAS;
    4. Major/minor Questions – CAS;
    5. Other topics – CAS;
    6. Post-graduation Planning – CAS;
    7. Schedule Planning – CAS.
  6. Choose “Geography” as the location.
  7. Under “Select who you would like to meet with or click to see “all availability” pick your only choice, Leslie McLees.
  8. Pick your date and time.
  9. Click the blue Confirm Appointment button at the bottom right of the page.

Questions about the major requirements, course schedules, concentration options, honors and thesis options, and scholarships should be directed to the advisor. It is recommended that all Geography and SDS majors and minors see the adviser upon entrance to the program. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions link on the sidebar to the right to see if your questions are addressed.

Prior to your advising meeting, please come prepared by completing the following:

1. Review the major requirements

Read over the Major Checksheet front and back, including GPA minimum, concentration options (for Geography), honors requirements, and minor/double major requirements. Be sure that you are aware of these requirements prior to your meeting.

2. Update the major checksheet

Complete or update your Major Checksheet (see below) with the courses you have taken or plan on taking. Please note that students entering the Geography major beginning in the Fall 2016 term have a different checksheet than those who entered prior to that term. Bring this sheet with you to your advising meeting.

3. Review your Degree Audit Report

Review your Degree Audit Report on Duckweb to make sure that your personal checksheet matches university records. If there are any discrepancies or errors, bring a copy of this report to your meeting. For help in understanding how to read your Degree Audit, the General Advising Office has a useful YouTube video.

4. Read any other background information relevant to your questions

If you are thinking about an internship, study abroad, a double major, honors or any other program possibilities, read the appropriate material prior to your appointment.

Departmental policies about internships

Go Intern! program through the UO Career Center

UO Study Abroad Programs

Double Major guidelines in Geography

Honors in Geography

Declaring the Major/Making Major Changes

Fill out this interactive form, print, and sign and bring to the Geography Department office in 107 Condon or email an unsigned form to the geography undergraduate advisor with the subject line “GEOG change”. The subject line must read exactly as stated above to ensure accurate receipt.

Major checklist (the “Green Sheet”) for planning your major.

See these links for the 2019-2020 academic year: Geography Preliminary Course Offerings for and SDS Preliminary Course Offerings.