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Rippey Graduate Student Grants

Rippey Research Grants and Dissertation-Writing Grants for Geography Graduate Students

Effective Fall 2019

Rippey Research Grant

This grant is designed to support research-related activities conducted by graduate students in the UO Geography Department. Master’s students can receive the grant one time and doctoral students are eligible to receive the grant once every two academic years.

If you are planning to present research results at a conference, if you need to conduct fieldwork, if you need equipment or supplies for a research project, or if you have other research-related expenses; you may apply for funding by submitting the following materials:

  • An approximately 1-page justification describing your plans and indicating how you will use the funding
  • A proposed budget (this may be rough and include per diem expenses)
  • A short note/email of support from your advisor (submitted separately to the committee)

Priority for funding will be given to 1) presenting research at a national conference, 2) essential fieldwork, 3) funding for equipment, supplies, and data purchases.

We do not fund requests for equipment or supplies that are already available on campus (e.g. computers or common software.) Equipment that is purchased with Rippey funds is University property and remains within Geography. Funds cannot be used to pay tuition, supplies for classes, or travel that is primarily for educational purposes.

Submit application materials by email to the Director of Graduate Studies (Xiaobo Su) and to your current advisor. Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year, provided it is prior to the conference at which you plan to present. With the exception of summer term, you can expect a two-week turnaround on your applications. You may make more than one proposal for lesser amounts, as long as the total for the academic year does not exceed $1000.


Rippey Dissertation Writing Grant

PhD students that have passed their comprehensive exams (A.B.D. status confirmed by the Graduate School) are eligible for one summer of support for living expenses of $4000. This summer support is used strategically for dissertation writing during the last summer prior to completing the dissertation. Graduate students receiving this grant will not be eligible to teach over the summer and will not receive a tuition waiver. To receive the grant, send a short statement with a planned timeline for completion of the dissertation to the Director of Graduate Studies (Xiaobo Su) and your advisor. The statement should clearly state the writing goals for the summer and amount of time (in weeks) committed to research and writing. The advisor will need to endorse the timeline for the grant to be awarded.

Retroactive awards will not be considered.  Depending on the ability of the Rippey Endowed fund to support these awards, we may need to lower the amount of awards in the future.