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Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson profile picture
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-2644
  • Office: 151 Condon Hall
  • Affiliated Departments: African Studies, Environmental Studies
  • Interests: Disasters, climate change and environmental risk, political ecology, finance, development studies, East Africa
  • Curriculum Vitae

Office Hours Fall 2020

Wednesdays 1:30-3:30 pm, via Zoom, Book your slot on Calendly here


I am a human geographer focusing on the intersection of disaster, climate risk, development, and finance. I am interested in how geographical research can help recuperate the promise of insurance as a technique of mutual solidarity and sustainable risk sharing in a changing climate.

My research investigates how novel configurations of public and private sector actors and finance shape current and future disaster vulnerability. I study why and how insurance and other risk transfer tools have become solutions of choice, and with what impacts for climate governance, justice, livelihoods, and landscapes. I work at the intersection of political ecology, development studies, and science and technology studies.

My research spans multiple regions – Africa, North America, and Europe – and scales from households, to nation states, to globally circulating policy networks. My empirical foci include a hallmark drought insurance program for livestock in Northern Kenya, a continental-scale sovereign insurance pool for humanitarian drought relief in sub-Saharan Africa, and growing catastrophe bond markets for ‘natural’ disaster risks around the globe.

I find a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods indispensable, including interviews, institutional ethnography, surveys, and focus groups. I am interested in working with students studying environmental risk, disaster, development, and finance.

Prior to joining the Geography Department in 2016, I was a lecturer in Economic Geography at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.



B.A. Columbia University, 2003; Ph.D. UC Berkeley, 2011

Selected Publications

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Fall 2020:

Geography 465/565 Environment and Development (Syllabus)

Clark Honors College 231 Climate Change Inequality and Action (Syllabus)