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Tea talk Mar 14th: Gordon Grant

Please join us in welcoming Gordon Grant, a Research Hydrologist at the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the US Forest Service in Corvallis. He has contributed to many landmark studies involving river science and also dedicates himself to education and outreach.

He will give a talk entitled: What to do with Spirit Lake? A geo-hydro-sociopolitical drama in several acts on Thursday, March 14th at 4pm in Condon 106.

Please join the Department of Geography at 3:30 for our weekly Tea Snacks and departmental announcements!

Charlie Hockett ’14, at Cascade Bicycle Club!

When I came to the UO I initially began studying history with vague plans of attending law school. However, after the first Human Geography class, I took I knew I was hooked and completely pivoted my college experience. Through my studies and experiences within the Geography department, I was continually challenged to think in terms of scale and to put aside my initial assessment of a problem or situation to focus on the facts at hand. I found that studying Geography led me to take a closer look at the interface between my day to day experiences and the built environment around me. As an