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Faculty contact information

Due to the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Condon Hall and many other buildings on campus are closed (see here for a map of building status). Many faculty will be working from home and will hold appointments via Zoom.

You can use the search bar to find a specific instruction and the horizontal slider at the bottom to see all of their contact information (including email) and how to schedule an appointment. Most faculty can schedule times outside the listed office hours if those listed don’t work for you.

NameLocationCourseOffice hoursRequest appointmentEmail
Bartlein, Patrick 'Bart'154 Condonnot teaching this
Bruno, Tianna247 ColumbiaGEOG 410: Black GeographiesTues
Buck, Dan109 CondonGEOG 607: Seminar in Political EconomyWed 1pm-3pmemail for
Chritz, Kendra245 ColumbiaGEOG 323: BiogeographyMon 1pm-3pmemail for
Cohen, Shaul107G CondonGEOG 342: Population & EnvironmentMon 12:30-1:30

Fri 12:30-1:30
email for
Fish, Carolyn165 CondonGEOG 4/581: GIScience ITues
Fonstad, Mark107F CondonGEOG 141: The Natural EnvironmentThurs 2pm-3pmemail for
Gavin, Dan217 Pacificon Sabbatical this
Johnson, Leigh151 CondonGEOG 4/565: Environment & DevelopmentWed
Kohler, Nick107E CondonGEOG 4/585: Remote Sensing I

GEOG 4/591: Advanced GIS & Python
Wed 11am-11:50am &
Lobben, Amy153 Condonnot teaching this termemail for
Luan, Henry107D CondonGEOG 281: The World & Big Data

GEOG 4/594: Spatial Analysis
Mon 10am-12pm

Fri 2pm-4pm
email for
Lucash, Melissanot teaching this termemail for
Marcus, Andrew164 Condonnot teaching this termemail for
Meacham, Jim163 Condonnot teaching this termemail for
McDowell, Pat152 Condonnot teaching this termemail for
McLees, Leslie107D CondonGEOG 209: Geography of the Middle East & North Africa

GEOG 419: The Professional Geographer
Tues 10am-11am

Thurs 11am-12pm
Murphy, Alexander173 Condonnot teaching this termemail for
Pulido, Laura301 Aldernot teaching this termTues 2:30pm-4pmemail for
Silva, Lucas248 ColumbiaENVS 4/77: Soil ScienceFri 12pm-1pmemail for an
Su, Xiaobo175 CondonGEOG 142: Intro to Human Geography

GEOG 4/510: Economic Geography
Tues 2pm-4pmemail for
Walker, Peter100 Condonnot teaching this termemail for
Undergraduate AdvisingAdvisingTues 11:30am-12:30pm

Wed 9:30-10:30

Thursday 9:30-10:30am or email for an