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Courses Offered

To see all courses currently offered by our program, please click on the UO Course Catalog. 

The provisional 2020-2021 course plan is below.

Please look at the codes at the bottom of the page to understand specifically what each course can count towards within the Geography and Spatial Data Science and Technology majors, the Geography and the Climate Studies minors, and for the graduate program. Note that you cannot use the same course for two requirements within the same major.

Provisional and subject to change!


Fall 2020
Course numberCourse titleInstructorUndergrad requirementsUndergraduate concetrationsGraduate requirements
141The Natural EnvironmentFonstadF-IC, CC
142Human GeographySuF-IC
281The World and Big DataLuanF-AC, SD
209The Middle East & North AfricaMcLeesF-AC
323BiogeographyChritzBEES, EVS
341Population & EnvironmentCohenHCPP, EES
410Black GeographiesBrunoHCPP
4/510Economic GeographySuHCPPH
419The Professional GeographerMcLeesL
4/565Environment & DevelopmentJohnsonHCPP, EES, CSHH
ENVS 4/577Soil ScienceSilvaBEES, EVSP
4/581GIScience IFishG, SDGIST
4/585Remote Sensing IKohlerGGIST
4/591Advanced GIS & PythonKohlerGGIST
4/594Spatial AnalysisLuanGGIST
4/598Geospatial Project DesignFishGGIST
607Political EconomyBuckSh
Winter 2021
141The Natural EnvironmentChritzF-IC
181Our Digital EarthMarcusF-IC, SD
202Geography of EuropeMurphyF-AC
321ClimatologyBartleinB, CCEES, EVS, WSP
342Globalization & DevelopmentBuckHCPP, ED
360Watershed Science & PolicyMcDowellBEES, EVS, WSP
391Social Science Research & InquiryLobbenF-AC
4/510Oregon Environmental PoliticsWalkerHCPP, EESH
419The Professional GeographerMcLeesL
4/525HydrologyFonstadBEES, EVS, WSPP
4/541Political GeographyMurphyHCPP, EDH
ENVS 4/555SustanabilityWalkerHCPP, EESH
4/568Contemporary Food SystemsMcLeesHCPP, EESH
4/581GIScience IFishG, SDGIST
4/582GIScience IIKohlerGGIST
4/586Remote Sensing IIKohlerGGIST
4/593Advanced CartographyMeechamGGIST
4/595Geographic Data AnalysisBartleinGGIST
607Seminar: Human GeographyPulidoSh
607Seminar: Water Resources & Climate ChangeMcDowellSp
607Seminar: GIScienceFishSt
Spring 2021
141The Natural EnvironmentTBDF-IC
142Human GeographyTBDF-IC
181Our Digital EarthMarcusF-IC, SD
201World Regional GeographyMcLeesF-AC
322GeomorphologyFonstadBEES, EVS, WSP
343Society, Culture & PlaceSuHCPP, ED
ASIA 350What is Asia?BuckHCPP
361Global Environmental ChangeSilvaB, CCEES, EVS, WSP
410Forests and SocietyTBABEES, EVSP
4/548Tourism & DevelopmentSuHCPPH
ASIA 4/525Asian FoodwaysBuckHCPP, EESH
4/542Urban GeographyLiHCPPH
4/544Cultural Geography (Inside-Out Course)CohenHCPPH
ENVS 4/550Political EcologyWalkerHCPP, EESH
4/561Environmental AlterationsKohlerHCPP, EESH
4/581GIScience ITBAGGIST
4/590Web MappingMersonGGIST
4/590Drones & MappingFonstadGGIST
4/590GIS & Public HealthLuanGGIST
4/597Qualitative MethodsJohnsonGCPP, GIST
607Sem: Comparative ImmigrationLiSh
607Sem: Biophysical GeographyChritzSp
607Sem: GIScienceLuanSt
607Sem: Human GeographyJohnsonSh
Geography major codes
F-ICFundamental- Introductory Core
F-ACFundamental Advanced Core
BBiophysical geography
HHuman geography
CPPCulture, Politics & Place
EDGeographic Education
EESEconomy, Environment & Sustainability
EVSEnvironmental Systems
GISGeographic Information Systems
WASPWater Science & Policy
Spatial Data Science and Technology major codes
SDCore Courses
GIS (Except 481)
Climate Studies minor codes
CCCore courses
CSHSocial Science/ Humanities elective
CSEScience elective
Geography graduate program codes
CCore course
HHuman geography
PBiophysical geography
ShHuman geography seminar
SpBiophysical geography seminar
GtGeographical techniques seminar