Events / Geography Awareness Week Special Tea: Dr. Imraan Buccus

Geography Awareness Week Special Tea: Dr. Imraan Buccus

November 14, 2017
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Please join the Department of Geography for a special speaker series event. Dr. Imraan Buccus, a political columnist for the Sunday Independent and the Mercury new sites in South Africa. The theme of this year’s Geography Awareness Week is Civil Rights. In that vein, Dr. Buccus will give a talk entitled Exploring the state of the nation in South Africa: Lessons on the rise of populism. This talk will provide insights in the rise of populism in South Africa as a response to the fall of Apartheid. Dr. Buccus will reflect on the lessons of South Africa for other states that are experiencing this current political trajectory, particularly in the US. 

This talk will be on Tuesday, November 14th, at 5:00pm in the Knight Library Browsing Room.

This talk is sponsored by the Carnegie Global Oregon Ethics Program, The Department of Geography, the Department of Political Science and the African Studies Program.


Imraan has an undergraduate degree in education and a master’s degree in social policy from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). He received a Ford PhD fellowship at Nijmegen University in the Netherlands and was a  PhD fellow at UKZN’s School of Politics, where he has also been a lecturer.He is widely published in academic journals and book chapters and is the former editor of the journal Critical Dialogue and the current editor of Democracy Dialogue

During apartheid, Imraan was active in student politics and joined the banned ANC while in high school. In 2008 he was an Open Society Foundation Media Fellow, and in 2009 he appeared on the prestigious Mail & Guardianlist of South Africa’s 200 Leading Young South Africans. Imraan worked as academic coordinator at Workers’ College, a progressive college for trade union members. He was involved in multiple international research projects and co-authored the National Framework on Public Participation for the South African government. During his time at the Centre for Public Participation, he led an initiative to bring policymaking spaces closer to ordinary people and led a project to bring policymaking spaces closer to ordinary people and led a project to assess participatory democracy in Namibia.