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Congratulations class of 2019!

Another warm day and another lovely Department of Geography Commencement ceremony! Or as Professor Dan Gavin said, there was a real net positive solar balance.  Thanks to all of those who came to cheer on our current class. And a big congratulations to everyone who graduated! Here are a few photos from the ceremony and festivities!

This is the first time we’ve ever done this photo. It will become our tradition!

Thanks to Lisa, Nyease, Haley, and Fiona in the office for all the work on ordering balloon.

Undergraduate coordinator and advisor, Leslie McLees, at the check-in table.

Nyease from the office arranging some of our beautiful flowers!


The faculty present at commencement, mostly in their regalia!

Undergraduate speaker Liana Hu delivered a great personal story about why geography is important to how she’s understood events and conditions around the world.


Newly minted Dr. Arron Zettler-Mann delivered a speech on why geography is important in understanding the human-environmental condition.

Crowning the last year before he reduces his teaching as he works towards retires, Alec Murphy articulates the importance of geography as a perspective in understanding the world around us, both as a way to understand and to shape it.

Undergraduates, on the cusp of receiving their degree!

More undergrads waiting patiently!


Congratulations again to our students, and a huge thank you to all their supporters! We were thrilled to share this wonderful day with you!