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Geographers head to the AAG!

As the first week of spring term begins, you may notice that some of your faculty and grad assistants have disappeared. Many of us are headed to Boston for the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers annual meeting. This is a chance for us to meet and reconnect with fellow scholars from across the discipline and hear about cutting edge research. 9500 Geographers are expected to descend in Boston this week!

While often the focus of academic conferences seems to be on faculty and graduate students, the AAG has been promoting the potential for Undergraduate Geographers to come and actively participate there is a new Undergraduate Student Specialty Group meeting for the first time in Boston and a special newsletter dedicated to activities geared towards undergraduates. Read it! Next year’s conference in New Orleans will also focus on recruiting undergraduates into the conference. There are also funding opportunities through the¬†AAG that can partially or fully pay your way! This provides students with professional development experience like none other!