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Tea Speaker Series Nov 3rd: Jarvis Kennedy of Burns-Paiute to speak about Malheur

jarvis-kennedyJoin us for a talk by Jarvis Kennedy, a Councilman of the Burns-Paiute Tribe, entitled “Malheur Occupation: A Native American Perspective.”

Mr. Kennedy will provide a Native American perspective on the events of the occupation last Winter. This will be especially poignant given the recent verdict handed down in Portland quitting the Bundy’s of charges relating to the occupation.

Jarvis Kennedy is a Burns Paiute Tribal Councilman of the Burns Paiute Tribe, born and raised in Burns, Oregon. Jarvis is a spokesperson for the Tribe. He spoke out against the occupation of the Malheur from the beginning and continues to do so. He is also a men’s traditional dancer who loves to sing Native American songs to keep his Paiute traditions alive.
Weekly snacks begin at 3:15 in Condon 108. We will allow 15 minutes to walk to the Many Nations Longhouse for the talk at 4pm.