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Congratulation 2016 Graduates!


This year was a big send-off for many of our Masters and PhD students! During the department graduation party we got to send them off, officially. The following day may have been the commencement ceremony, but as per a timeless tradition, you can’t really graduate unless your name is on the lemon poppy seed cake the night before.

jun 13- grad cake











Here is the list of graduates, starting from the top left to right:

Swagata Goswami, PhD
Dissertation: Geomorphology, Hydrology and Human-Environment Interactions of the Megafans in the Gangetic Plains, India
Advisor: Andrew Marcus

Christina Appleby, MS
Thesis: Modeling Restoration of the Lower Long Tom River, Oregon
Advisor: Patricia McDowell

Geoffrey Johnson, MS
Thesis: A Sediment-Derived Environmental History of Water Quality, Coos Bay Estuary, Oregon Coast Range
Advisor: Daniel Gavin

Pollyanna Lind, PhD
Dissertation: Geomorphology and Sediment Transport in a Humid-Tropical Montane River— Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica
Advisor: Patricia McDowell

Thomas Ptak, PhD
Dissertation: Understanding Hydropower in China: Balancing Energy Security, Development and Environmental Sustainability in the Nu River Valley of Yunnan Province
Advisor: Xiaobo Su

Rudy Omri, MS
Thesis: Every Tweet Counts: Examining Spatial Variability of Twitter Data Representativeness
Advisor: Amy Lobben

And bottom row, left to right

Christina Shintani, MS
Thesis: Comparing Photogrammetric and Spectral Depth Techniques in Extracting Bathymetric Data from a Gravel-Bed River
Advisor: Mark Fonstad

Jewell Bohlinger, MA
Thesis: Greening the Gulag: Politics of Sustainability in Prison
Advisor: Shaul Cohen

Christine A. Grummon, MS
Thesis: Examining the Role of Collaborative Governance in Fostering Adaptive Capacity: A Case Study from Northwest Colorado
Advisor: Christopher Bone

Joseph Bard, MS
Thesis: Finding High Ground: Simulating an Evacuation in a Lahar Risk Zone
Advisor: Christopher Bone

Nicholas Perdue, PhD
Dissertation: Cognitive Agents and Pedestrian-Oriented Redevelopment
Advisor: Amy Lobben

Adam C. Morse, MA
Thesis: From Guantanamo Bay to Pelican Bay: Hunger Striking and the Biopolitical Geographies of Resistance
Advisor: Shaul Cohen

Graciela Mercedes Meche” Lu, PhD
Dissertation: Struggles over Governance of Oil and Gas Projects in the Peruvian Amazon
Advisor: Derrick Hindery

(Not pictured)

Sarah Proctor, MS
Thesis: Fluvial biogeomorphic evolution of the Upper South Fork Toutle River, WA after the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens
Advisor: Mark Fonstad


jun 13- grads