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Dylan Molnar working in InfoGraphics

I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to work within the department and get to apply the skills learned in class to projects the InfoGraphics Lab is involved with. The best part of my job with the lab is that every day I get to try and solve a new problem. No day is the same. Some days I am performing analyses of mule deer migrations through hunting units and other days I am working on design challenges associated with visualizing the complex relationship between the timing of mule deer migration, experienced snow depth, and maximum snow depth at the current location. Other days I am working on maps for academic research articles or creating exploratory page-pairs of maps of the Colorado Basin. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work on maps for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department: Scenic Bikeways. The bikeway maps are fun to work on because they are posted on the web and used by recreationalists, which offers a different audience than most of the other products I assist with in the Lab.I have enjoyed taking the theories and concepts learned in geography classes and directly applying them to this diverse range of projects.



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The professional environment in the Lab offers a new area for my development. I am given the freedom to take on work through challenges and given the resources to find new solutions. By having this responsibility, I have gained a confidence in my work that I hope will translate into the ability to succeed in future jobs post graduation. I have been able to gain experience working individually as well as with a team of extremely of talented professionals in the lab. Working with a variety of topics and design challenges have allowed me to gain invaluable experience that has immediately affected not only my schoolwork but also my personal and professional development as I look onto the next chapter in my life.

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