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Riley Champine: From IG to Apple

IG_crewMy interests during school focused a lot on city planning and more specifically alternative transportation planning. I found geography, GIS and cartography in particular, to be a great path for not only learning the process for making analyses and decisions for this type of planning but presenting new ideas and strategies for executing them. The InfoGraphics lab was a great place for honing GIS skills and getting practice doing this because there was a lot of trust between the professional staff and students – there was opportunity to try new things (i.e. GIS techniques, new programs, and even coding) and make mistakes. And as a result, I feel a lot more comfortable in interviews and in my current job because I have that experience of taking on that responsibility and being able to experiment. And I feel like I got a lot more from the Geography department than from PPPM (where I learned a lot of theory about the discipline) because I actually got immersed in the techniques and practices that are used to make planning happen. In my book, that has been much more valuable than theory. I did get hired immediately from the InfoGraphics lab and I now work as a GIS Technician at Apple on a contract basis.