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Geography Awareness Week – 2014 – The Future of Food

Geography Awareness Week is an annual event that encourages people to think about the role that geography plays in their lives. This year the theme is “The Future of Food” and through a variety of activities, volunteers will be working with students to understand how food shapes our lives and our understanding of places.

Activities this year consist of the following:

Monday, Nov 17th: 100 students from Bethel Middle School will be visiting campus. Activities include a GPS scavenger hunt, a mental mapping and food activity, a tour of the InfoGraphics Lab, a discussion of how GIS is being used to understand urban food environments and more.
Tuesday, Nov 18th: Members of Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU), the Geography Honor’s Society, are hosting a display of the “InflatoGlobe” in the Taylor Lounge of the EMU. UO students can come by and explore the word and their perceptions of it through activities with the InflatoGlobe¬†and through GeoGuesser, an online tool that helps you explore different places.
Wednesday, Nov 19th: 40 Students from Springfield High School will be visiting campus. Activities include the GPS scavenger hunt, Mental mapping and food mapping exercises, a tour of InfoGraphics, and a discussion with a representative from the admissions office about going to college.

The GTU is also hosting a photo competition. Post a picture of a food you associate with a specific place, plus two sentences explaining it to #UOGAW14 on Facebook or Instagram. People can follow these hashtags and vote by liking certain pictures. People will also be able to vote in the EMU where the pictures will be on display at the Tuesday events. Prizes will be awarded!