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Shaul Cohen receives Department of Corrections Volunteer of the Year award


Professor Shaul Cohen is the chair of the UO steering committee of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program which brings students from campuses into penitentiaries to conduct blended classes with campus-based and incarcerated participants. The following statement was given during Dr. Cohen’s award reception.

“Professor Shaul Cohen from the University of Oregon is an excellent example of what an outstanding volunteer for the Oregon DOC looks like.  Shaul is a servant leader, a leader who focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of the people and the communities to which he belongs. 

Shaul brings optimism, positive energy, and true professionalism to everything he does.  It is a pleasure and an honor to work with him.

Shaul’s interaction with the DOC and OSP started when he began teaching Inside-Out classes in the spring of 2011.

He rose quickly within the ranks and now leads the Inside-Out Program at the University of Oregon and here at OSP.  In 2013, five Inside-Out classes were offered through the university.  Shaul taught one of those classes himself.

Shaul also helps lead the national Inside-Out training that happens at OSP and brings in people from across the country.  If that wasn’t enough, Shaul also regularly comes to OSP for 7 Step Meetings, Freedom Road, and brings in his honors students for tours and group meetings.

Inside-Out is a stronger program because of his dedication to serve.  He does what he does, not for accolades or payment but for the sheer enjoyment of learning and sharing his wisdom with those who may need it the most.  We are proud to have you work at OSP and know you are very deserving of this award for all of the wonderful work you do.”