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Education and Geography

Now more than ever before, geography education matters.
Changing political boundaries, territorial conflicts, sustainability, and globalization are each examples of geographic issues that confront us daily. They illustrate the power and importance of studying geography. Current geography teaching standards and methods help our students understand their rapidly changing world while also grounding them in the local geography of their own hometown, region, and state.

For more than sixty years, the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon has offered a summer master’s degree program in geography education for K-12 teachers. The overall goal of this summer MS degree program at the University of Oregon is to provide a flexible, supportive and challenging set of courses and research opportunities that enable classroom teachers to:

  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of geography content;
  • Understand and use geographic skills to help solve ‘real world’ problems;
  • Think critically about environmental socio-economic, and cultural information from a spatial perspective; and
  • View the world of ideas and information through a holistic geographic lens.

This EDGE web site is a geography educator’s resource for finding the best geography education resources and reference materials for use in the classroom.