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Politics, Culture and Place

The various research interests of the human geographers in the Department coalesce around issues of politics, culture and space. Individually and collaboratively, this cohort of researchers brings together a diverse set of interests including ethno-territorial conflict, transnational citizenship and belonging, migration, tourism, rural development, urban politics and human-environment interaction. Emphasizing a critical and historical approach, faculty in this area draw on a range of theoretical and methodological debates in political and cultural geography, political ecology, critical development studies, feminist theory and urban studies.

Specific lines of research in this area include:

  • Tourism, place and identity in China and Asia (Su)
  • Diverse economies and splintered urbanism in Mexico and the global South (Meehan)
  • Shifting territorial arrangements and understandings in response to changing economic and political circumstances (Murphy and Nelson)
  • The material and ideological spaces of peace and conflict (Cohen)
  • Land use and natural resource politics in the western United States and southern Africa (Walker)
  • Political economy of development and foodways in China and Asia (Buck)
  • Indigenous movements and political ecology in South America (Hindery)
  • Migration and the politics of place and belonging (Nelson and Hardwick)



Fall 2011 Carroll Professor Lecture
James Anderson, Queen’s University, Belfast